Ristr8to Lab by Latter Art Champion 2017

If you’re a coffee fan, you’ve probably heard about Arnon Thitiprasert (Tong), a multiple world latte art champion. He has several coffee shops in Chiang Mai, one of them is Ristr8to Lab, we managed to visit it personally and happy to share our review with you.

Ristr8to Lab is located on the ground floor of a small building in the Nimman area. There are many unique cafe, restaurants and shopping centers.

Ristr8to Lab, Chiang Mai
Inside the Ristr8to Lab Coffee Shop, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Design of the shop is not quite typical for European countries. Instead of the front door, there are large panoramic windows that fold up like blinds, and this results in a spacious space without obvious boundaries between the outer and the inner zone.

This has both advantages and disadvantages. For example, on a hot day, if the air conditioner is off, than inside it is a bit stuffy, but on a cool day you can breathe fresh air.

Since the host is a multiple latte art world champion, you can see atypical coffee drawings in his cafe. Moreover, you can order a drink with an image that brought him first place in the competition.

Latte Art at Ristr8to Lab, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Latte Art at Ristr8to Lab, Chiang Mai, Thailand

The coffee menu is quite large, plus an interesting and non-standard presentation of some drinks from the range.

Piccolo Latte at Ristr8to Lab
Piccolo Latte at Ristr8to Lab

The guys roast coffee themselves, so you can buy beans from different countries and different level of roasting.

A short video about Ristr8to Lab, as well as more information can find below.

Video About Ristr8to Lab

Working Hours and Coordinates

Ristr8to Lab Coffee Shop on The Map


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