Coffee Shops

Interesting coffee places around the world.

Playworks Cafeart

Art coffee shop with coworking space and delicious coffee. Do they have Wi-Fi and air conditioning? - Yes. Do they

Rocket Coffeebar in Bangkok

There are hundreds of interesting coffee shops in Bangkok and Rocket is one of them. A pleasant atmosphere and a

Latest Coffee News

The latest news and events from the coffee world.

Paris Coffee Show 2020

It is organized by Collectif Cafe. In the first two days, the show is open to the entire public. Masterclasses, tastings, production analysis will be held. On the last day,

World Latte Art, World Coffee in Good Spirits, World Cup Tasters, and Cezve/Ibrik Championships 2020 in Poland

A grand exhibition dedicated to coffee will be held from June 18-20, in Poland, in 2020. You can attend the event at the Ptak Warsaw Expo Exhibition Center. More than


Unique recipes of coffee with other ingredients.

A Simple Americano Coffee Recipe

Caffè Americano is nothing but espresso, only with the addition of water. How to make it at home? Follow our guide. Далее

Coffee Latte Recipe at Home

What is Coffee Latte? Coffee Latte is the Italian name for a coffee drink that uses milk and espresso. Translated from Italian caffèlatte is “Coffee with Milk”. In the modern

V Crimean Coffee Festival & Exhibition BAZAR & COFFEE

Exhibition PIR—COFFEE 2019 in Moscow

International Coffee Day 2019

Coffee Event Trieste Coffee Experts 2019 in Italy

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