Coffee Shops

Interesting coffee places around the world.

Kaffe Man Coffee Brew Cafe

To make a delicious drink, you need three things: high-quality beans, a coffee machine, and a professional barista, Kaffe Man

Sukhum Craft

Since I live in this area, I noticed the new institution, and visited them, as soon as they opened. The

Latest Coffee News

The latest news and events from the coffee world.

New York Coffee Festival 2019

The New York Coffee Festival is an annual New York Coffee event. During the festival, guests can purchase any of their favorite coffee varieties, of which more than a hundred

World Aeropress Championship 2019 in London

The World Aeropress Championship 2019 is scheduled for November 24, 2019 in London. In order to become a participant in the championship, you must be a winner of the national


Unique recipes of coffee with other ingredients.

Coffee Latte Recipe at Home

What is Coffee Latte? Coffee Latte is the Italian name for a coffee drink that uses milk and espresso. Translated from Italian caffèlatte is “Coffee with Milk”. In the modern

How Many Calories in Coffee?

Why is coffee in itself not a high-calorie drink? Let's understand together. Roasted coffee beans contain about 60 kcal per 20 g. Where 62% are carbohydrates, 31% fat and 7%

V Crimean Coffee Festival & Exhibition BAZAR & COFFEE

Exhibition PIR—COFFEE 2019 in Moscow

International Coffee Day 2019

Coffee Event Trieste Coffee Experts 2019 in Italy

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