The Brew Job Specialty Coffee

On the recommendation of our subscribers on Instagram, we are pleased to add the first spot to our list of the best coffee shops in Hong Kong.

This is a small and cozy coffee shop with positive reviews from both locals and tourists visiting Hong Kong.

The guys do not just make coffee, they are involved in all processes, ranging from the purchase of green beans to roasting. The focus is Arabica beans.

We serve customers with high-quality arabica coffee as we control the coffee quality strictly, from buying green beans to roasting, cupping, and brewing.

The Brew Job Team.

The coffee shop serves almost all varieties of coffee, there are some food and pastries.

It should be noted that one of the members of The Brew Job team is the winner of the Hong Kong AeroPress Championship.

Therefore, be sure to try the coffee from AeroPress.

If you have already visited Brew Job Coffee in Hong Kong, please share your opinion below.

Special thanks for the photos

Working Hours and Coordinates

The Brew Job Coffee in Hong Kong on The Map


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