Akha Ama La Fattoria in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai is a large city in a mountainous region in northern Thailand. There are a lot of interesting things and especially for coffee lovers.

Today we will tell you about a small cozy coffee shop in the old city of Chiang Mai it is called Akha Ama La Fattoria.


The place is not quite big, but you can’t call it small, because there are much smaller cafe in this city.

The coffee shop is clearly not designed for work and for long meetings, but this does not stop visitors to work a little. At lunchtime it is crowded.

Inside Coffee Shop
Inside Coffee Shop

There are free wi-fi, seats both inside and outside. In the menu, as well as coffee, some sweets and snacks. This is one of the few coffee shops where the owner roasted coffee beans by themselves and make their blends.

They use a coffee machine Spirit – Kees van der Westen. We recommend to try the local latte.

Hot Latte at Akha Ama
Hot Latte at Akha Ama

Also here you can buy freshly roasted beans of their own production.

Coordinates and other useful information about Akha Ama La Fattoria can find below.

Inside Akha Ama

Working Hours and Coordinates

Akha Ama Coffee La Fattoria on The Map


Rating: 5

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