Manual Coffee Grinders – How to Choose and Where to Buy

Modern devices for grinding coffee by hand are a miniature mill in which the grains are ground by rotating millstones. Manual coffee grinders are compact and designed to receive a small amount of freshly ground product for brewing one or two cups of an invigorating drink.

Types of Manual Coffee Grinders

The principle of operation of any manual coffee grinder is based on the movement of the millstone discs, the gap between which is regulated by a special screw or lever. The smaller the space between the millstones, the finer the grinding of coffee will be at the exit.

Despite the simplicity of the device, manual coffee grinders are divided into two types, which can be distinguished by their appearance.

  • European. The most recognizable cube-shaped mills equipped with a curved handle and a retractable drawer for ground coffee.
Ручные кофемолки
Manual Coffee Grinders
  • Turkish. Cylindrical coffee grinders, in the process of using which you need to twist the handle with one hand and hold the mill with the other. The grain grinding process is much faster than when grinding in a European style coffee grinder.
Ручные кофемолки
Manual Coffee Grinders

What to Look for When Buying a Grinder

High-quality crushed grains are the key to a delicious and aromatic coffee, so it’s worth choosing a coffee grinder responsibly.

An important is the millstone material. Ideally, they should be made of ceramic to avoid heating the product during grinding. This will maximize the essential oils contained in coffee. Millstones made of steel or cast iron are more durable, but when operating such a coffee grinder, it is important to prevent the product from overheating, otherwise, coffee will be bitter.

Ceramic millstone

Particular attention should be paid to ergonomics, including the shape, position, and ease of rotation of the handle.

The case of modern coffee grinders is often made of environmentally friendly materials, such as wood, durable metal, or plastic. This does not affect the quality of work, therefore, when buying, you should trust your own taste and tactile sensations.

Who Needs a Manual Coffee Grinder?

True coffee lovers grind beans before brewing, so they definitely can not do without a coffee grinder. Many of them prefer manual models, which allow you to get a particularly fragrant powder.

Most often, manual coffee grinders are chosen for home use in order to be able to brew freshly ground grains for one person or a small family.

Thanks to a huge variety of design solutions, manual coffee grinders are an excellent souvenir or gift for coffee lovers for birthday and other special occasions.

Pros and Cons of Manual Coffee Grinders

In the list of advantages of manual coffee grinders, experts include minimizing the heating of coffee beans during grinding, which is the key to the excellent taste and rich aroma of the finished drink. It is impossible to achieve the same high speed as in electric models, which means that all the essential oils of coffee will remain.

The disadvantages of such devices include the duration of the grinding process and the need for greater physical effort in comparison with electric devices.

Models with fragile ceramic millstones require a careful attitude and can fail more quickly.

Another possible disadvantage is the uneven grinding of coffee beans, however, it depends on the specific model in this matter.

TOP 5 Manual Coffee Grinders that are Most Often Ordered on Aliexpress

Turkish Brass Manual Coffee Grinder

Медная турецкая ручная кофемолка

Manual plastic coffee grinder with ceramic millstones

Ручная пластиковая кофемолка с керамическими жерновами
Manual plastic coffee grinder with ceramic millstones

Black metal coffee grinder with grinding control

Черная металлическая кофемолка с регулятором помола
Black metal coffee grinder with grinding control

Vintage wooden coffee grinder

Винтажная деревянная кофемолка
Vintage wooden coffee grinder

Manual coffee grinder with convenient grinding control

Ручная кофемолка с удобным регулятором помола
Manual coffee grinder with convenient grinding control


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