Sukhum Craft

Since I live in this area, I noticed the new institution, and visited them, as soon as they opened.

The coffee shop is located in an old house, on the main road that connects Handong to Chiang Mai. Inside you will find a pleasant atmosphere, minimalistic design in a vintage style with lots of wood and, most importantly, great coffee!

The owners give a special atmosphere to the cafe. These are very kind, smiling and friendly people. They will be happy to answer your questions and help with the selection of a drink.

Sukhum Craft in Chiang Mai

I’m happy to add this spot to the list of the best specialty coffee shops in Chiang Mai.

The establishment year. – 2019

Do you have Wi-Fi and air conditioning? – Yes, we do.

Coffee Drinks Selection

Do you accept credit/debit cards? – No, cards are not yet accepted yet.

Night Es

How big is your place? Is there a place to work on a computer? – The cafe is spacious, inside two tables for large companies, several tables for couples, as well as a slow bar. Outside there are also seats.

Do you have parking? – Yes, we do.

Do you roast coffee yourself or buy from other roasters? – Coffee beans are purchased from local roasters.

Do you have alternative coffee options on the menu, such as AeroPress, pour-over, etc.? – Yes, we do have pour-over.

Do you sell roasted coffee beans? – No, we don’t.

Do you sell food/desserts? – There is no food or dessert yet.

Since I have already been here 3 times, I can recommend the following drinks:

  • Dirty coffee
  • Latte
  • And for those who like sweet drinks: Cocoa and Night Es.

If you have already visited Sukhum Craft, please leave your review below.

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Rating: 5

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