Looper Co. Espresso & Cocktail Bar

In our list of the best coffee places in Chiang Mai replenishment. We are happy to add Looper Co. Super idea, great design, and delicious coffee.

The guys from Looper Co were able to create a concept in which coffee and cocktails complement each other perfectly. Their establishment is divided into two parts: coffee and cocktail area.

Inside is quite spacious, there is a large bar, tables for couples and companies of 3-4 people. There are seats outside, but it’s hot in the afternoon.

Looper Co. Espresso & Cocktail Bar
Looper Co. Espresso & Cocktail Bar
Looper Co. Espresso & Cocktail Bar
Looper Co. Espresso & Cocktail Bar

Minimalist design with hipster notes, comfortable furniture, muffled light, loud music with a DJ, all this gives the establishment a lounge atmosphere.

And the excellent corners for cool pictures also attracts a lot of young people to come here.

With coffee, everything is fine too. They use a coffee machine La Marzocco. It turns out very tasty. On the cup, we can conclude that the owner understands this drink.

In consequence, I learned that one of the partners is a famous barista who participated in many national competitions and even won prizes.

Looper Co. Espresso & Cocktail Bar
Looper Co. Espresso & Cocktail Bar

The establishment offers both espresso-based beverages and alternative preparation methods, for example, Aeropress and pour-over.

As always I ordered a latte, which as I expected turned out to be delicious.

Looper Co – became my favorite in Chiang Mai, I will definitely come back again and strongly recommend you to visit this cafe.

If you have already visited Looper Co. in Chiang Mai, please share your opinion below.

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Rating: 5

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