Khna Coffee Brewers in Chiang Mai

“k̄hṇa | ขณะ” – we brew specialty coffee for patrons to slow down & enjoy the moment through every sip of coffee, to savor the aroma and taste of our single-origin, sustainably-grown arabica beans from the hills of Mae Kampong.
“k̄hṇa | ขณะ” believes in the contentment derived from living life slowly — mindfully enjoying each moment as it arises. We do this by brewing excellent coffee.
It starts from the start. We tasted a range of locally-grown, harvested, and roasted Arabica beans that meet our expectations for brewing an outstanding shot of espresso with a distinct and complex taste coupled with an inviting aroma.
We chose single-origin beans from Mae Kampong. Our beans are grown locally with sustainable methods and without any pesticides or chemicals. The beans are roasted, in small batches, in Chiang Mai.
After receiving the beans, we allow 7-10 days for the flavors and aroma to infuse while letting the excess gas to escape naturally in their sealed packages.
And finally, we open up the fresh bags of our single-origin arabica beans, dial in the grinder, and meticulously brew exceptional coffee.
An ode to the farmers, roasters, brewers, customers, and the specialty coffee industry as a whole.
Khna Coffee Brewers Coffee Shop in  Chiang Mai

Do they have Wi-Fi? – Yes.

Do they have air conditioning? – Yes.

Do they accept credit/debit cards? – No.

Khna Coffee Brewers Coffee Shop in  Chiang Mai

Is the cafe suitable for work? – Yes.

Do they have parking? – Yes.

Do they roast coffee themselves? – No.

Khna Coffee Brewers Coffee Shop in  Chiang Mai

What brand name of a coffee machine do you use? – -.

Do they have alternative coffee options on the menu, such as AeroPress, pour-over, etc.?

Do they sell roasted coffee beans? – No.

Khna Coffee Brewers Coffee Shop in  Chiang Mai

Do they sell food? – No.

Do they sell desserts? – Yes.

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Working Hours and Coordinates

Khna Coffee Brewers in Chiang Mai on The Map

150 Charoen Raj Tambon Wat Gate Muang, Chiang Mai 50000


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