The Baristro at Ping River, Chiang Mai

The coffee shop is divided into two parts and consists of two buildings. Most likely, before, it was a private house.

The Baristro x Ping River, Chiang Mai

The first building is the place where coffee and desserts are prepared, the second is a two-story house with a large number of rooms and seating places.

Every room is unique. Different furniture, interesting lighting and a lot of space. Every corner is a place for photography. Apparently, there are so many photographers here.

The Baristro at Ping River, Chiang Mai
The Baristro at Ping River, Chiang Mai

Both buildings have air conditioning and free wi-fi. This coffee shop is very convenient for working on computers, meetings, and large companies. From the second floor, there is a great view of the Ping River.

The Baristro at Ping River, Chiang Mai

Even if it turns out that the places inside will not be enough, you can sit at the tables by the river.

This is a very atmospheric and pleasant place; moreover, really delicious coffee is here making on professional equipment from La Marzocco.

The Baristro at Ping River is a coffee shop that you must visit.

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