Kaffe Man Coffee Brew Cafe

To make a delicious drink, you need three things: high-quality beans, a coffee machine, and a professional barista, Kaffe Man has everything, so I add this spot to the list of the best specialty coffee shops in Chiang Mai.

Kaffe Man Coffee Brew Cafe
Kaffe Man Coffee Brew Cafe Outside

Whoever said that, but the barista is very important especially in a situation where there are more than 100 coffee shops in the city and a similar menu almost everywhere. At Kaffe Man, the barista is the owner. Friendly, helpful, ready to answer questions and help with the choice of drink. And, of course, a man in love with his business and coffee.

Kaffe Man Coffee Brew Cafe
Kaffe Man Coffee Brew Cafe Inside

The main point of the institution is the menu. Almost all types of coffee are presented here, as well as cocktails based on it. A pleasant friendly atmosphere disposes to return here again.

Do you have Wi-Fi and air conditioning? – Yes, we do.

Do you accept credit/debit cards? – No, cards are not yet accepted yet.

How big is the place? Is there a place to work on a computer? – The cafe is small in size, so not the best place to work.

Do you have parking? – Yes, we do.

Do you roast coffee yourself or buy from other roasters? – No, we don’t.

Hot Latte at Kaffe Man Coffee Brew Cafe
Hot Latte at Kaffe Man Coffee Brew Cafe

Do you have alternative coffee options on the menu, such as AeroPress, pour-over, etc.? – Yes, we do have pour-over, Aeropress and other drinks.

Do you sell roasted coffee beans? – No, we don’t.

Do you sell food/desserts? – There is no food but have desserts.

Unfortunately, it will be problematic to get here without transport, but if you decide, I will leave the coordinates below.

If you have already visited Kaffe Man, please leave your review below.

Working Hours and Coordinates

Kaffe Man in Chiang Mai on The Map

Address: Chiang Mai-Lamphun Rd, Nong Phueng, Saraphi District, Chiang Mai 50140


Rating: 5

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