How to Make Turkish Coffee?

The process of making Turkish coffee is very simple, the main thing is to find good water and fresh coffee, and everything else will come with practice.

To prepare it you need to have

  1. Ibrik/cezve/ Turkish coffee pot. Desirable made of silver.
  2. Coffee. It is not necessary to look for special beans, use your favorite option. The main thing that it was fresh and grind before cooking.
  3. Water. It is best to use filtered water.
  4. Sugar and spices (optional).

How to Make Turkish Coffee Step by Step Guide

  1. Grind the beans to a fine fraction. Approximately 6 grams per 60 ml.
  2. Add coffee, spices, and sugar (optional) in Ibrik, then pour water at room temperature and mix everything thoroughly.
  3. Put the Ibrik on the middle fire and watch the process.
  4. Wait until the foam rises and immediately remove the coffee from the fire. Do not let the drink boiled!
  5. Pour the drink into cups and the coffee is ready to drink.

Some recipes recommend raising the foam several times, but this is not always good since there is a high probability of burning the drink. It is better to try to delay the foam from the first lift, for example, by lowering the fire a little.

How to Drink Turkish Coffee

After the coffee has been poured into cups, it is allowed to stand for a while, for about 1 minute, so that the coffee fraction settles to the bottom of the cup.

Coffee is served with a cup of water, as well as Turkish sweets.

Enjoy! 🙂

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