International Coffee Day 2019

In 2015, the International Coffee Organization (ISO) approved the date of celebration of the international coffee day – October 1. The holiday is quite new but has already become widespread among lovers of a fragrant drink. The date was not chosen by chance. This period begins the main harvest of coffee beans. Accordingly, October 1 is the beginning of the coffee year.

On this day, many cafes treat their customers absolutely free with a cup of an invigorating drink, and some give a 50% discount. In addition, visitors receive small gifts – balls or coffee magnets. A list of cafes participating in the action can be found on the website of the organization.

Time and Location of International Coffee Day 2019

List of events from around the world

Days left before the start:

-1665Days -6Hours -53Min. -48Sec.

Official website:

Video of International Coffee Day


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