GRAPH One Nimman Coffee Shop in Chiang Mai

As you probably already guessed, the main specialization of the institution is coffee. There are almost all variations of coffee, both in cold and hot.

The menu includes alternative drinks based on coffee and other ingredients. There are pastries and desserts available in the cafe.

GRAPH One Nimman Coffee Shop in Chiang Mai
Inside GRAPH One Nimman Coffee Shop in Chiang Mai

The guys roasted coffee themselves and make different blends, which you can buy at a coffee shop. In Chiang Mai, GRAPH has two coffee houses, about the second, we will tell you in another article.

A lot of people come here on weekends, sometimes there are not enough seats at all.

There are many interesting coffee houses in the Nimman are, so if there are no available seats, you can look for another coffee shop. One of the options is Ristr8o.

Latte at Graph One Nimman
Latte at Graph One Nimman

As always I tried the latte there. It seemed delicious, so I will come back here again. 🙂

Video of GRAPH One Nimman

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Rating: 5

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