Russian Coffee (Raf Coffee) – Step-by-Step Recipe

What is Russian Coffee (Raf Coffee)?

Coffee Raf or Russian Coffee is a drink made by mixing espresso, cream and vanilla sugar by a steam wand.

In some countries, Raf coffee is called Russian coffee. All because the first recipe for this drink was created in Russia.

The History of Raf Coffee

According to some source, the recipe of the drink appeared in 1996 in one of the Moscow coffee shops, thanks to a guest named Rafael.

Rafael did not share the love of coffee, he did not understand how people are able to enjoy its taste. He was sure that there is no recipe for coffee that he would like. The barista in the coffee shop wanted to convince the client. They tried many recipes and found one that allowed the picky customer to fall in love with coffee.

It turned out to be a recipe based on espresso, cream, and vanilla sugar, the drink came to taste not only Rafael but also other customers, so they started to call it Raf.

How to Make Russian Coffee (Raf Coffee)

To make coffee, you need:

  1. Espresso or any other strong coffee (30 ml)
  2. Cream 10% fat (100 ml)
  3. Vanilla or plain sugar (1 teaspoon)

Recipe of Russian Coffee Step-by-Step

  1. Prepare a portion of espresso or any other strong coffee. Focus on the volume of 7 grams of finely ground coffee per 30 ml of water.
  2. Take a portion of the cream and heat it up a little, then pour it into the pitcher, add vanilla sugar and a portion of pre-prepared coffee.
  3. Beat the resulting infusion with a steam wand or whisk/blender to form an air foam.
  4. Pour the drink into a glass/mug and sprinkle it with vanilla.
  5. The drink is ready to serve.

About other variations of this drink, we will tell you in subsequent articles.

What is the difference between Raf and Latte or Cappuccino?

The main difference is the method of preparation. Latte and cappuccino are made with milk, which is then poured into an espresso shot, while Raf is whipped together with espresso cream and sugar.

We are ready to answer all the questions in the comments under this post.

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