Kohi Roastery & Coffee Bar in Bangkok

As you could tell from the title, this is a micro-roastery. So we added them to the sections of best coffee shops in Bangkok and coffee roasters.

Kavin Phinichkusolchit – the director, told us a little about his establishment.

“Kohi” in Japanese means “coffee”. The cafe is designed in a minimalist design with Scandinavian and Japanese notes.

Kohi Roastery & Coffee Bar in Bangkok
Kohi Roastery & Coffee Bar in Bangkok

Inside there is enough space to not just drink coffee, but also to distract a little while reading a book or working on a computer.

The main coffee menu consists of beans grown in Thailand. By doing so, the guys support local farmers and their products.

It consists of two blocks. In the first block they make coffee, and in the second they sell desserts.

We want people to appreciate the characteristics of every bean we roast through the coffees they drink. That is why we keep the menu simple and straightforward. Our house espresso is a unique bean from Chiang Mai. We focus a lot on pour-over/filter coffees as we use quality beans to showcase our roasting capabilities.

Kavin Phinichkusolchit

Coffee is roasted in small portions on the roaster Probatone 5. They sell their beans in packets of 200-300 grams.

To make coffee, the guys use a La Marzocco Linea PB coffee machine.

Besides the coffee, there are desserts on the menu.

If you are planning to visit Bangkok and stay in the Ekkamai area, be sure to check out these guys for a cup of coffee. 🙂

If you have already visited Kohi Roastery & Coffee Bar, please share your opinion below.

Special thanks for the pictures to https://www.facebook.com/kohi.roastery/

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