Red Diamond Cafe in Bangkok, Thailand

If I was asked about Bangkok coffee shops, then I would recommend Red Diamond Café. This is “must visit” coffee place.

The only problem is the size of the city. If you are lucky to stay next to the local subway, then be sure to take the chance and visit this cafe.

To get here you need to get to one of the MRT stations: Sutthisan, Ratchadaphisek or Lat Phrao. The GPS coordinates of this place I will leave below.

Red Diamond is located in a two-story building. Outside it is lined with rusty iron and without signs.

Red Diamond Cafe in Bangkok
Red Diamond Cafe in Bangkok

This is loft and rustic style cafe. Very comfortable with plenty of seating on several floors.

In addition to individual tables on the first and second floors there are bar counters. If you are lucky, I recommend to take places at the racks, so you will have a chance to talk with professional barista, some of them foreigners with great experience.

The menu has a lot of drinks, including non-coffee. Customers are offered to choose beans. If you find it difficult, the staff will help.

More than 10 types of beans are presented here, both from Thailand and from other coffee countries. Also have some baking and sweets.

Coffee drinks are served in special cups, and alternative in different vessels with an interesting design.

In the cafe, you can buy takeaway drinks, as well as freshly roasted coffee.

As usual, I tried the local latte and espresso.

I’ll be happy to back here again and recommend you to do so. 🙂

Video of Red Diamond Cafe

Working Hours and Coordinates

Red Diamond Cafe on The Map


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