Artisan Cafe at Oxotel, Chiang Mai

The stylish coffee shop is located in the Oxotel building on Wua Lai Road, where an evening fair is held on Saturdays.

The coffee house is decorated in vintage style, the interior has a lot of antiques, which makes the place even more interesting.

Artisan Cafe at Oxotel, Chiang Mai

Inside a lot of tables, including for groups. There are both ordinary tables and comfortable sofas and chairs.

Here you can often meet guys with computers, as the place is ideal for fruitful work.

The cafe has air conditioning, an air purifier, there is fast free wi-fi and great music is playing.

Moreover, the guys are fine with coffee. Use modern equipment, freshly roasted coffee and trained staff. In addition to coffee, the menu has some food and sweets.

Hot Latte at Artisan Cafe at Oxotel, Chiang Mai

My latte was tasty enough so that I came back here again. 🙂

If you have already visited Artisan Cafe, please share your opinion below.

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Rating: 5

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