Doppio – Specialty Coffee & Cult Cafe Thapae

Most likely the place belongs to the guys from Ristr8to, as the menu design, drinks, and coffee beans are identical to those that can be seen in the Ristr8to.

Doppio is located by the road, in a small building, if you drive a car you can easily miss it.

Doppio - Specialty Coffee & Cult Cafe Thapae
Doppio – Specialty Coffee & Cult Cafe Thapae

The cafe is a bit cramped, especially when there are people inside. Employees of nearby companies run here for afternoon coffee.

The menu offers you an abundance of coffee and drinks based on it. If you are the first time here then it’ll take some time to find what you want. Prepare the grains of their own roast on an Astoria coffee machine.

The coffee they make is delicious, so if you are somewhere nearby, then you can go here, but this is definitely not the place to work.

There you can buy freshly roasted beans, postcards, and branded T-shirts.

Doppio - Specialty Coffee & Cult Cafe Thapae
Coffee with Chocolate at Doppio – Specialty Coffee & Cult Cafe Thapae

If you have already visited Doppio – Specialty Coffee at Thapae Gate, please share your opinion below.

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Rating: 4

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