Mix Kaffee – Moka Pot Coffee Shop

I drove past this coffee shop several times, but I did not find the time to drop in here. Time was found only after I was recommended by the barista from FIEOW Coffee Room :).

Outside, this is a very modest place, inside – a small but cozy. The owner, his name is Ton, creates a special atmosphere. This is a very smiling and pleasant person. He makes coffee exclusively in Moka Pot. Perhaps this will push someone away, but believe me, the result is more than worthy.

He makes coffee according to a Japanese recipe, which his Japanese grandmother told him about.

Mix Kaffee - Moka Pot Coffee Shop
Mix Kaffee – Moka Pot Coffee Shop

My first mocha pot coffee association was a bitter and burnt taste. But when Ton made the drink, I was pleasantly surprised. There was almost no bitterness in the taste, there were many fruit and berry notes. All thanks to coffee beans and the mastery of the barista.

These were beans from a Japanese roaster. Where it’s from, I didn’t remember, but in the hands of a professional they make an excellent drink even without expensive equipment.

Mix Kaffee – Moka Pot Coffee Shop

In the cafe there is no food and desserts, only coffee. In addition to Moka Pot, there is a Cold Brew.

Barista has knowledge about their product, so he can help with the choice of drink.

Since Ton makes great coffee, I will add his place to the list of the best coffee shops in Chiang Mai.

I recommend you drop in for a cup of coffee.

If you have already visited Mix Kaffee, please write your review below.

Working Hours and Coordinates

Mix Kaffee in Chiang Mai on The Map

Address: 29/ 50200, 65/2 Arak Rd, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50200


Rating: 5

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